COVID 19 undoubtedly affected us all, from travel agents to beauticians. This article explores the limitations that COVID-19 placed upon authors. 
When asked about the limitations of the pandemic, one author stated that it could be viewed as a positive thing. 'The vast collection of books in my library kept me going, and it was fun to explore new things such as online interviews' he stated. Evidently, for some lucky ones, the pandemic, although lengthy and limiting, generally did not affect their line of work. However, these are simply the lucky few. Another author interviewed revealed that the pandemic truly disrupted his work for the worse. 'From going to the library four to five times a week to none, I began to find my resources limited, and the four walls of my home became suffocating'. In addition to the claustrophobia of staying at home for 4 months, this author's resources were completely cut off. 'It became a mission to find resourceful books, they used to be easily accessible when I was in the library'. 
The pandemic affected everyone's lives, mostly for the worse. This is simply one example of how it did so.