In the midst of a pandemic, we have adapted to living within the comfort of our own homes. I interviewed a local on how that has impacted them a year later, another Chritsmas on.



So, I wanted to talk about how covid has personally impacted you a year on.



Yes, of course. It seems I've adjusted to living this life now. It feels like the new normal. The way things have been feels like we will never truly escape this. I'd say I wished things were like they were before this all started but it would take a while before we can even reach the point of no covid. Christmas was better this year however, I mostly spent time with family and friends and it was nice seeing their faces this year you know. Felt like we could maybe reach that point soon and I am more than hopeful we will.



I also wanted ask whether covid has changed your perspective of things whether it be about yourself, others or the handling of the pandemic itself.



Well we have all felt the affect of covid, whether through others, in family and friends, the rising cases day by day or the  


protocols put in place to protect us. It most definitely has changed my perspective on myself really. I believe I didn't appreciate the time I spent before we came into this. I have lost friends and family to the pandemic. Losing them changed my outlook on spending time with the people I love. We regret it most when it affects us most. And it still affects me. So yes, this covid has changed my perspective. I hope it'll change me for the better.



And finally, is there something that has been keeping you motivated at home? To pass the time etc?



Yes, I took on trying to learn the piano. It has been a struggle but from a few notes I can play this one song. It was hard and going over it again and again helped me to progress it further and well develop me further. It really helped me knowing I could do all that with my two hands and some hard work. 



Thank you for this.



Yes, thank you for your time.