Before I begin, I would like to start off by saying that doing 117 hours of study/ work in only 6 days is not healthy or recommended at all, instead this article will be giving tips on productivity by talking about how I managed to do this near impossible task. I suppose tip number 1 would be don’t procrastinate. Obviously if you want to be productive in something you cannot procrastinate; that means if you can do a task now or on the day you should try to make sure you do it rather than leaving it for later letting the work pile on. Unfortunately, I am a massive procrastinator and didn’t take my own advice meaning I had to find a way to accomplish my goal.

The first step I took was making a to do list, I prefer these over schedules as they are a lot more flexible to work with and I have more freedom however I know many people who can stick to their daily schedules with rarely any issues this is just a personal bias for me but use what works best for you.  The next step was for me to have a rough estimate of when I wanted to take breaks, eat, talk to friends etc. because I didn’t want to waste too much time eating, I decided having 5 small meals instead of 3 large ones would be the most beneficial it would also provide me with a consistent amount of energy for me to keep working optimally throughout the day and night.


 The main reason I do not suggest even attempting to do a workload like this in such a short time span is because it’s impossible to complete it without severely limiting your sleep I had to do several all nighters and on the nights, I did sleep I didn’t get more than 4 or 5 hours. I am here to tell you that sleep is one of the most essential parts of being productive and working at your best, I may have managed to complete all these assignments, but they were not my best pieces of work. The final piece of advice I would give is that I was lucky enough to have so many different friends helping me when I got stuck speeding up the completion progress so much, often they were in university studying the subject I asked them for help with or had at least done an A level in it; my point being you shouldn’t pressure yourself to do everything on your own even if it is just making study group with some studious friends, or asking help from a classmate or teacher.

If you have taken one thing away from reading this article I hope it is that doing your assignments when they are handed to you is so much easier than needing to do 117 of them because of your procrastination.