With the number of Covid cases rising ominously day by day, it is becoming increasingly likely that the country may go into another lockdown, which would prevent schools from doing their in-person activities. If there was a hypothetical lockdown now, would students be badly affected?


It might be hard for some subjects like music or the arts because of the lack of physical teaching, where you can learn from observing the different techniques. Other theory-based subjects can adapt easier to online learning, as you can access more resources digitally and they subsequently can be utilised in lessons.


Several students mentioned that online learning was tough due to distractions from the internet. Social media and gaming were cited as the main reasons for not being able to fully participate in lessons, and one student even described them as “too tempting to resist”. He found that he “quickly fell behind”, and that “it was tough to keep up with once you had.


On the other hand, a student actually preferred home learning, as he could do the work at his pace, and also complete any work that had not been finished in the lesson a lot easier. With access to resources online, it made completing work a lot faster.


Everybody reacted differently to home learning, and we all had to adapt to overcome certain challenges, like how to upload a worksheet on a platform. Eventually, we all got the gist of it. I feel that if we were to have online learning again, we would be better prepared due to our previous experience with it.