For the last two years RHS Wisley have hosted an eye captivating glow event on their exquisite grounds. This year the event ran from the 19th of November to the 4th of January I was fortunate enough to attend this year on Friday 18th of December in the prime of the evening to view the spectacle.


The event comes in a time in which the people of the UK, and the World, have had their festive spirit dampened over the last few years as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Consequently, the Royal Horticultural Society’s outdoor event creates a safe space for people of all ages to go and re-ignite some of the Christmas and New Year’s spirit! Whether or not you like looking round gardens, the glow event is appealing to all ages simply due to the atmosphere of awe and marvel it encompasses, as well as the frequent opportunities for food.


The trail begins with an amble alongside the array of diverse stars all lit to a degree very appealing to the eye. The beginning of the trail also comprises of extraordinary trees, of which the light that shines on them reflects in the peaceful water beneath. The trail then progresses towards the glasshouse and arguably the centre piece. Shining upon the glasshouse is sequence of powerful light rays which dance in time with dramatic music and water fountains in the lake beneath. As you walk through and around the lighthouse this lightshow really does amaze the onlooker. The next highlight is a long tunnel in which warm yellow lights hang down from the structure, providing a great opportunity for a magical photo.


The end to RHS Wisley’s Glow is explosive. Literally. As you walk across the bridge towards the exit, with the false belief that the event is over, fire darts along the riverside. Fire jumps out of these large boxes in time with the dramatic music playing in the background. This truly is encaptivating, especially for the young children, and it ensured that no one left slightly let down or disappointed.


The only negative thing to be said about the event is that the very large crowds of people it attracted was slightly disconcerting given the current climate of Covid-19. However, it is more than safe to say that all those leaving through the lit up gates of Wisley left feeling the Christmas high!