For most of us music is simply a sound to the ears that we hear so often, we turn a blind eye on how it really influences our daily lives. Whether it’s playing an instrument or listening to the latest pop album, music is a way in which we express our feelings and emotion. We use music to portray reality, form culture, celebration and entertainment.

The topic of music provides many different angles for a new hobby such as learning an instrument, music technology, song reviews, listening to music, and attending concerts. Learning an instrument is shown to improve determination and resilience skills, as well as providing satisfaction.

Music also has many health benefits such as relaxation, stress relief, happiness, creativity, and improvement of muscle memory.

Furthermore, musical patterns have also shown to be educational, relating to mathematics and linguistics as it helps stimulate perception of language in children. Music is understood and recognised as different sounds that are processed in the occipital (visual), auditory cortex, and language centre inside the brain.

Lastly, music is found in all shapes of today’s media targeting a specific consumer such as videogames, theatre productions, movies, themed adverts, and even during your daily shopping!