Christmas... Is Christmas really the most magical time of the year? Well, it certainly is with the wonderful Windsor Illuminations ready to ‘light up your winter’ from the 18th of November to the 9th of January in a spectacular display of dazzling lights, breath-taking projections glimmering reflections on this multi-sensory experience through the Great Park.  

Experience the woodland and water come to life as you are guided by the luminous light-trail on a magical 2.2km long journey through Windsor Great Park, near Savil Garden and around the Obelisk Pond with a variety of refreshments, food stalls, projections, sculptures and picture opportunities available at multiple and regular intervals along the way! This event is perfect for families and those of all ages, just as Nadia Kamel states, there is “something for everyone” and Angela Mallindine describes her experience where “The children went on the beautiful carousel at the end whilst us parents has a baileys hot chocolate in a lovely cosy bar.” Gemma Ford even exclaims in awe and disbelief at how greatly her three teenagers enjoyed the experience and being a “great way to get them outdoors and active without having to drag them away from their electronic devices." 

Can’t think of any Covid- safe activities to do this Christmas? This might be just the thing... Not only is this magical outdoor experience a wonderful day out, but the perfect covid-secure and inclusive festive activity, being extremely well always designed and thought out with the well-being and satisfaction of their visitors at the forefront of their minds and centre of importance. 

There's a wide variety of different, yet mouth-watering food and drinks available from alcoholic beverages and hot drinks to pizzas, burgers, and toasted marshmallows, in addition to many vegan and gluten free options. Bins are provided (both that of general waste and recycling) on route to reduce litter, there’s a range of seating- which isn’t too crowded- but enables enough space for social distancing as well as wide pathways to ensure everyone has sufficient space. Not only does this help cater for the needs of those with buggies, wheelchairs, or mobility scooters, but further support is offered by providing a shorter 45-minute, paved route through the park if the traditional route is too long or conditions too muddy for their needs. Furthermore, signs are put in place to help guide visitors, as well as many workers on site throughout the walk available for extra assistance, not to mention accessibility to hand sanitiser, toilets, food stalls, a gift shop and much more. Music is constantly playing, only further contributing to the festive spirit, with Christmas classics such as ‘The Bells’ accompanying the magnificent light display- being one of the key attractions. The atmosphere was further heightened by smoke machines and sound effects, with all wires safely hidden out of view, and although slightly muddy at times, it’s popularity is clearly demonstrated through the majority of the tickets being sold out. Despite this, it was not at all overcrowded- with a limited number of tickets available per session. People travelled from all over to experience this amazing event, and as a result there is close by accessible car parking on site which is described as “easy and convenient” with a “smooth entry.” 

So, enter into this wonderful Windsor experience to help light up winter and experience the true magic of Christmas... your what more could you want?