We have all at least once attempted a new year's resolution but how well do we stick to them?


In a 2021 study it was found that only 31% of survey participants even intended on setting a resolution to begin with, and from that group only 35% of people kept all their resolutions. The most common resolution to set is improving fitness with 50% of participants setting this as theirs. Generation Z is also four times as likely to set finding love, as theirs than any other age group.


In my personal experience my resolutions barely make it through January, let alone through the rest of the year. So why are new year's resolutions so often talked about as we near the end of a year?


All over social media in late December, ‘new year, new me’ begins to resurface. This concept of starting fresh at a new year is tempting to say the least but it's often shown to not be as effective as we may have thought. 


Do not despair however if you are in the 19% of survey participants who failed at keeping any resolutions, any time is a good time to start a new habit. Setting targets for yourself out of routine on January first every year is often counterproductive for your end goal. Whether it is the start of a new month, week, or even day, you can set targets for yourself and begin new habits. So even if you have already lost your new year’s resolutions, it is not too late for you to create new habits and routines for yourself as we move into the year.