It seems like everyone has been setting new year's resolutions lately...whether it be to try exercising more, trying to eat healthier and more! However, there are less people that prioritise the mind as well as the body and it is so important that both are equally taken care of!

Over the last year or so, 'Booktok' (a trend on the app TikTok that reviews and showcases books) has gotten many teenagers and young adults into reading and that is great! Even if people are just picking up books in an attempt to be trendy, it is great that they considered it in the first place due to how, in this day and age, other hobbies like gaming or watching shows are often preferred.

The benefits of reading are extremely broad. It is incredibly important for keeping our brains healthy and sharp, which is significant as it helps keep us fit and ready to tackle any challenges we face. A plethora of new things can be learnt to help you succeed in your professional life and even your social life! Moreover, some books are so enjoyable that they can reduce stress levels completely, improve your mental health, and therefore live a much happier life - who wouldn't want that? Ever had trouble thinking outside the box? Reading will improve your imagination. Ever been so worried you can't sleep at night? Reading a fun book will put you at ease. The benefits are endless.

Several bookworms say that reading takes them to a place where they can be as imaginative and creative as possible. There are no restrictions, meaning you can be as far outside of the box as your wildest dreams take you.

So, what are you waiting for? Do some research online about good books people recommend, or better yet head straight to your nearest bookstore or library and find something you'd like, there's something for everyone! Action, adventure, classics, comics, mystery, fantasy, thrillers, non-fiction, biographies...there's bound to be something you would enjoy.