A couple of months ago, I decided to read the book myself as it was highly recommended by a few of my friends. After finishing this novel, I was fixated with a lot of different emotions and I found it important to write up an article on this certain book.


To quickly summarise, this book was about a lady called “Lily” who had just come into an abusive relationship, which she later realised was abusive and was stuck on what to do for a while until she started comparing it to her own parents' marriage which was just as worse. She later saves herself, thankfully, and ends this relationship to focus on herself and not end up unhappy like her parents were along with the help of an old lover, Atlas.


Colleen had written this book fully based on a serious topic, domestic abuse in relationships. Which I thought was very interesting and tried to make the readers feel very involved while reading, which I believe she did a great job at and definitely led me to understand that relationships with domestic violence were not easy to get out of.


Colleen had written up this certain character, Ryle, who unfortunately was abusive towards Lily, and definitely made me and many other readers understand that it was not as easy to end this relationship. She made Lily fall in love with him deeply and that made her hesitant to actually end the relationship and as a reader I did feel the same way as Lily. 


But thankfully, Lily was able to leave the relationship, by realising that this same thing happened with her own parents' marriage. Her own father was just as abusive towards her mother and that made her hate him and despise him. Which made her want to end her own relationship to not go through the same cycle and make her own child feel the same way.


Overall, I feel like Colleen did an excellent job writing this book. She really made me understand another point of view and led me to empathize on why she did the things she had to and made me recognise that relationships like these aren't as easy to leave, due to many different reasons.