It is January and of course that means that we are in the season of Winter. Now Winter is normally associated with biting cold, a clear absence of the sun and frost everywhere. But as people were very surprised to see in the last week London has seen sun and clear skies one day and then the usual winter weather just for somewhat warm temperatures to follow! But whilst the 15 degrees recorded on New Year's Day were odd, the yellow skies that were seen in the Hampton area on Thursday 6th were shocking to a lot of onlookers bemused at the very unusual colour of the sky above them. With all of these dramatic changes in the weather taking place in the last week and a half, some people are starting to think this is the precursor to more grave weather problems.

One boy that had a lot to say about the weather's inconsistency as of late was Jim W, who said, 'You always see in the news climate change is going to make weather more odd and if sunny skies at the very start of the year isn't odd, I simply don't know what is!'. Another onlooker shared this opinion, saying 'Look at the skies above us, they're yellow! Yellow skies can you believe that! I don't think this by itself can indicate anything but when you consider how the weather has been for quite a bit now, I think there has to be something at play.'