Concealed Figure found guilty of murder of local shopkeeper

A man by the name of Alex Gunn has been found guilty on countless charges towards the murder of Ravi Katharkamar, a friendly shopkeeper from Pinner. The crime is said to be a hit and run where the shopkeeper of Marsh Food and Wine was just sorting out their store for the day ahead when suddenly ambushed in broad daylight. This atrocious incident scarred the lives of the family and friends close to Ravi. The incident was said to be around 6.00 am whilst the streets were still quiet. The murderer, Alex Gunn held Ravi at knifepoint before brutally stabbing him in the heart.

Gunn is said to have fled the scene immediately in a stolen vehicle and proceeded to commit further crimes before being arrested by the police. After a hearing, Alex has been sentenced to jail for life. Mr. Katharkamar was found wounded by a local jogger who ordered an ambulance straight to the scene.

This case has caused a major disruption in the mood of the local community and the case of Alex Gunn no longer being a threat to Pinner should restore some peace in Mr. Katharkmar’s family’s hearts as well as the people of the town.