A popular Indian restaurant has been saved from redevelopment as flats, after months of hard rallying and rejection from residents of the local area.

The original plan of building 43 homes, on the site of Mumbai Junction on Watford Road in Harrow, were planned by Fruition Properties, but the final decision was to be made by Brent Council planning bosses.

Residents and opposition to the plans said that it would tower over the area, not fitting in with the general low-height structure of the area.

There were also concerns about environmental impact, as the scheme would not meet Brent Council’s carbon reduction targets, which are getting ever more crucial for the next few decades.

The restaurant was originally the John Lyon pub, as most of the area was developed and influenced by the man of the same name, he founded Harrow School, and most of the Sudbury area is influenced by him. Mumbai Junction sits next to the John Lyon roundabout.

Other concerns that were brought up about the development is that it would force residents to go further away for meeting points, changing the community of over 3,000 homes, and reducing travel in the area.

Ultimately, the Brent Council planning team rejected the plans, and it seems that the community space and popular restaurant will continue to serve the community for many more years to come.

On a personal note, I am certainly glad that the restaurant has been saved, as I have had many family gatherings there over the years, and hopefully can continue to!