It was a typical breezy, cold winters night in a covid hit London and I was off too see the live performace of a clasic book, A Christmas Carol. The performance was being held at the wonderful Old Vic theatre in Waterloo, London. The Old Vic has been in use for 203 years! It was built in 1818 and has had many name changes, such as the Royal Victoria Theatre and the Cohberg Theatre. It is a timeless piece of architecture and has seen the faces of some of the most famous actors ever!

Upon arrival at the theatre, we were greeted by some very friendly on door staff, who checked our tickets and pointed us in the direction of our seats, we were sat towards the back of the stalls, and even then the view there was spectacular! As I sat down, I was approached by a very friendly old man who was giving out warm, delicious mince pies to everyone, in order to celebrate the spirit of christmas! On top of this treat, we were all provided with a juicy round and succulent orange to compliment the mince pie!

Then the lights dimmed, and the performance began. The start studded cast whichincluded the likes of Stephen Magnan as Ebeneezer Scrooge and Melissa Allen as Little Fan! All the actors did an amazing job, they really brought such a classic story to life and completely changed the way that I see the book!

I would highly reccommend going to watch this if you haven't already! I am also not the only one who enjoyed the show, Max Johnson also seemed to enjoy it! Here's what he had to say- 'The show was absolutely splendid, I enjoyed it from the very minute it started! I feel going to see alternative versions of book is so useful, especailly when the book is being taught to me for my GCSE's! It opens up an entire new world for your imagination to dive into! I would highly recommend the show.'