From some, the New year is a way of someone getting a much-needed fresh start. A way of setting these resolutions can help them to get the guidance to ensure they will have a better year. For most people, these resolutions include losing weight, eating healthier and possible earning some money. However, by putting these rules and restrictions in place can be harmful and cause stress and disappointment when reflecting on the resolutions they set at the beginning of the year.


A question I ask myself is why do you have to wait an entire year to start fresh and put goals in place? I personally like to have a fresh start in September when the beginning of the school year starts. Doing active things to improve your mental and physical health should not have to wait and also should not have a deadline which once completed the the habits end. For some people they may have goals surrounding their work and financial state and these goals may take a lot longer than a year. By putting a time restriction on a task it can often be overwhelming.  

For many humans we have an natural instinct to stop something when things get too hard. This is the main reason as to why New Years resolutions fail for many of us. Once the excitement of the new workout plan for example wears off that is where people drop out. Going to the gym everyday for 2 hours is too much and not a realistic goal to set. By making these goals achievable, one is not likely to get satisfaction once they have completed it. So instead of going to the gym everyday for a year maybe try to go twice a week as that will still help with your well-being and fitness and you are more likely to continue this idea throughout the whole year which will lead to great results. 

Another issue regarding New Years resolutions are they are to result orientation. An example of this could be to ‘quit smoking’ or to ‘quit doing drugs’. With these kind of resolutions you need to acknowledge the process and figure out small steps to cut these things out of daily life. This resolution could also be too negatively focused as you are trying to get rid of bad habits which can be good but sometimes you should build upon the things that make you happy or that you are good at. 

The New Years resolutions that are most popular normally are orientated around the way we look. But really I think that these are the ones that society and social media has embed into our minds. If you want to get stronger then maybe going to the gym would be a good one to follow through on but for lots of people they should make resolutions for themselves and for personal growth which are adapted to their personal needs. An example of this could be to be to maybe get a Saturday job or possibly visit a grandparent every two weeks to avoid them getting lonely. Whether it’s to help yourself or others around you, New Years resolutions for you personally are more likely to be achievable by the end of the year.