The Marble Arch Mound will close this Sunday (January 9) following its opening back in July 2021. 

The pop-up attraction cost £6 million and from the day it opened received public outrage due to the cost and disappointment of the attraction. 

The mound was made as part of a program in the West End development but just after two days of opening, it was forced to shut. 

The closure was due to dead plants falling off the mound and needing to be replaced costing an extra £225,000. 

This Is Local London: The mound received backlash. (PA)The mound received backlash. (PA)

The cost of the mound caused a lot of anger in the public as the team when three times over the allocated budget. 

The outrage even saw deputy leader of Westminster City Council Melvyn Caplan forced to resign.

It was later found out that the top architect behind the mound project, Elad Eisenstein, was paid £220,000 a year by the council making it more than the council's chief executive. 

Although the artificial hill created a lot of anger, according to Westminster Council it boosted footfall in the West End and helped the area recover from the pandemic.