Matka inn – this newly emerged, Tooting-based resturaunt blends traditional South Asian food with homemade English touches in a way that is unique from many other local chains in the area.

Serving a fusion menu for South Asian foods, Matka Inn serves two separate menus: one for breakfast and lunch (or just brunch), and one for dinner, which is the main menu, all at perfectly reasonable prices. The main menu consists of several different options in a variety of meals which would suit the needs of any and every type of customer looking to gorge down on a full feast of the finest South Asian foods.

The halal restaurant creates fusion Paninis, burgers, rolls, sandwiches, etc. while also making its own signature dishes within each section, bringing a certain magic to its own exclusive recipes. The restaurant also serves customary street food from South Asia that no one can resist. Some unique picks from the menu which you rarely ever see in many places include the chicken tikka panini, the haloumi paratha, the signature burger with beef and mac n cheese stuffed inside, and the chicken malai boti roll.

These are all just a few amazing picks from the overall outstanding menu which you can already tell with just these dishes how special the food from Matka Inn is. Not only this, but the hot drinks and teas (chai) are actually served in a matka, which is a traditionally used as a pot for this purpose. There is an assortment of different traditional chai and hot drinks which can be served in the matka, creating all the more enthusiasm to try it out. And also, the service is quick and full of quality; the food is ready in a matter of minutes after you’ve ordered, and the quality of the food is just as good as the delivery time. The staff at Matka Inn are also incredibly kind and friendly and are at your service when needed.

In terms of breakfast, the restaurant serves most of the same dishes in the main menu in the morning but also offers a full English breakfast along with a variety of other types of breakfast meals for any early-birds to enjoy. There also is a whole section offering a variety of different omelettes which is certainly perfect for all the egg lovers in the mornings. For dessert, Matka Inn delivers different flavours of cake and croissants along with unique waffle and crepe flavours and an assortment of ice cream flavours to pick from. In terms of drinks, it serves many different milkshake flavours, smoothies, and the classic lassi drinks and falooda that you simply can’t dislike: it’s just too good.

The eatery simply encapsulates the classic meals you would see if you stepped into a South Asian household on a regular day, let alone on a wedding day, (because the food on wedding days go crazy) and puts a surprising, but welcomed twist on it. Speaking of wedding days, the décor of the interior is designed in a way that makes you feel like you’re actually in a sort-of mini-wedding, with petalled flowers and coloured textures flurried across the walls, and the soft pink chairs with the marbled tables setting the scene. The lighting on its own creates for a scenic atmosphere, with gorgeous neon lights stationed at the entrance, along with studded chandeliers and studio lights dotted across the plant-root themed ceiling.

Overall, Matka Inn is a place that you simply just need to visit to admire the greatness of its grace and especially the greatness of its appetizers. And if it wasn’t clear enough to you earlier, the food here is definitely just as good as wedding food. That says a lot.