Now that Christmas is over and we all have to pull ourselves away from the warmth of our duvets, let’s replace that with negativity! So here’s 10 5 things I hate about (not you!) Love Actually: 

Juliet and Mark

There are primarily two ways to deal with a newfound love for someone ; confess or move on and pine in secret. Maybe Mark was confused because that’s the only definitive explanation as to why he decided to confess to his newly wedded, best friend’s wife! As if he was on a mission to ruin his friend’s life, he attempted winning over Juliet with posters. Unfortunately for the audience, Juliet, whilst denying his advance, rewards it with a kiss! 

Karen and Harry 

In attempts to further glorify cheating, the directors decided to walk us through the long term marriage of Karen and Harry. Whilst Karen has been slaving after her children and her Prime Minister brother, Harry has been enamoured by a much younger woman. Not very Christmassy! Much like Juliet, Karen also rewards Harry’s infidelity with understanding and care indicating their doomed relationship. 

David and Natalie

This may be a result of a lack of general knowledge but which Prime Minister has ever gone to such great lengths to start a romantic relationship with his secretary? Even more astonishing is Natalie’s lack of skills and education as a private secretary. Overall the significant unrealism of their plot, heavily diminishes their romantic effect

Sam & his American girls

Cinematic culture prides itself in subduing feminism into oversexualised women, so it was only natural for the appearance of hypersexualised American girls. Sam, a British man with a stifled sexuality, travels to America with only the thoughts of unfulfilled sexual needs because the women in his town have no interest in him. We really have got to applaud his determination, perhaps with a kiss, Juliet?


Movies are only movies because they’re not realistic but every good movie should echo real life in some way. Illogical romances and unexpected sexual fulfillments, whilst unrealistic, aren’t the focus. The central issue with Love Actually is that it portrays life through rose coloured glasses; every single character experiences a life changing miracle. Every single character lives a fairytale ending in ‘a happily ever after’. Whilst this is truly cathartic, it traps viewers into a void of endless, impractical desires.

Ultimately, Love Actually is an enjoyable movie with exciting aspects that overlooks his flaws. So if you can allow yourself to limit your thoughts to the on-screen happenings, this is the Christmas love story for you. But if you believe the glass is half full, then my friends we’ve still got to find our perfect love stories!