As people take leisure strolls through the vast woods that surround Waddesdon Manor, the atmosphere is undeniable, and the intoxicating lights are a sight to behold…

I recently had the privilege of visiting the winter light trail at Waddesdon Manor. After a short shuttle ride to the premises, the lights that shone upon the 19th-century architecture were absolutely stunning, with music playing to add to the mood. After observing the manor, you are given the opportunity to stroll through the expansive Pleasure Gardens that surround the sprawling manor. Warm glowing lights of a plethora of different colours outline the forest canopies, with multiple different focus pieces such as glowing orbs or flashing lights. There is also an aviary!
After the main forest, the gently sloping path will take you to a place where different children from different schools have written their (sometimes questionable) wishes and hung them up on trees, which is also accompanied by artwork from children of all ages.

Waddesdon Manor has an interesting history. It was built by Baron Rothschild, who wanted an estate where he could escape London in the summer months. After its completion in 1883, and many celebratory house parties, the house was even used to accommodate children who were evacuated from London during World War 2. Rothschild decided to bequeath the manor to the Nation Trust, in whose possession it remains to this day.

The Winter Lights are beautiful and only add to the antique beauty of Waddesdon Manor.