The new year seems like it causes people to make goals and resolutions because they think they have to, and this often comes from ideas promoted in the mainstream media and companies that are trying to make money off of everyday people. Who more often than not are happy with their lives and don't see the need for change 

that being said of course there is a benefit of entering the year with goals, however if these goals disappear within the first two days and reoccur the following year -only for this cycle to continue, they are not sustainable. When New Years resolutions are pushed on to people through the means of social media it creates an obligatory sense of goal making, which causes them to feel pressured.  in a pressured mindset decisions aren't made properly, and it has been shown that under stressful moments people reach for premature conclusions opposed to coming to a thought-out plan. Decisions made due to pressure can cause goals to be unrealistic and it is unlikely that they will last. This is unless they're set out off of a person's own regard, it is perfectly normal to set goals optimistically, but this should not evolve from brands telling you to try their free plans or listen to their outlook on the new year. 

Resolutions will dissolve unless we establish that they often come from money making schemes like previously mentioned. The truth is, that goals can be set at any point in the year. January is of course a refreshing place to start but the original idea of the new year comes from the often-false mainstream media  

A new year can be great to kick start goals and plans but when there is an involvement from businesses it is doubted that they will be entirely successful, so set goals for yourself not because you think you have to and remember if you're perfectly happy with your life then there is no need to pressurise yourself into doing things that you know you don’t want to do.