COVID has come in all our lives and changed our mentality about lots of different things. It has affected peoples' health both positively and negatively. Abruptly, it has changed our normal chain of being and our lives had been suddenly shut off from "normal" human communication. It has affected many lives and has changed our lifestyle from its usual habits. While some have been affected positively others have been affected negatively based on the decisions that we have decided to make. While some adapted to what was happening as a global pandemic others were affected from their usual lives and their mental health has declined severely. Some people may have taken these to their advantage by taking it as a perfect opportunity to redeem themselves and live the healthy and balanced lifestyle like they had always wished for. Statistics show how adults who have been living on their own have been affected as well teenagers mental health and education. Many have been suffering from underlying health conditions where their lifestyles have changed in them taking more precautions as well as being more exposed to the virus. 

Covid has impacted many lives where unfortunately people have passed away and their family life has been disrupted. It has affected many peoples mental health and to help a little bit on this the following advice has been provided: Its vital that you go talk to someone about it and if you know someone who is going through trouble, it’s important that you just listen to the person affected and listen to their needs. It’s important to give reassurance to help them get through the time that they are going through. It’s vital that you give yourself the respect that you need to be able to continue and get through rough times. This will raise your self-esteem by raising your consciousness of complimenting yourself.