The latest estimates of the proportion of people aged 18 and over in England who have recieved a booster or third dose Covid vaccine have been released.

And here we have the figures for south east London.

The figures have been compiled  using NHS England data for vaccinations up to January 2, 2022 and population figures from the Office for National Statistics, which are the best publicly available official estimates.

The number and estimated percentage of people aged 18 and over who have received a booster or third dose is listed.

They are listed from the lowest percentage of people in each area to have had the third dose, to the highest.



48.4 per cent


126,183 people

49.7 per cent


111,692 people

50.9 per cent


139,483 people

53.6 per cent


49,359 people

57.8 per cent


111,011 people

57.9 per cent


166,960 people

64.9 per cent

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