Christmas at Kew Gardens is a widely anticipated annual event, and, yet again, did not disappoint. Featuring a trail of mesmerising light installations that celebrate the work of different artists, with drinks and nibbles along the way to crank up the festive fun, what more does one want to celebrate the holiday season than a little bit of family Christmas magic?


Dazzling would be an understatement to describe the displays: a 75 minute circular walk around the gardens, featuring large installations, ranging from a dramatic fire torch walk, through to a striking depiction of the aurora borealis created by many LEDs seemingly flowing above the path. There was something wondrous and imaginative around every twist and turn in the trail, and children would be especially excited by the addition of fairground rides; these were particularly enchanting in their Victorian style. 


A highlight for many was the seemingly simple display, named “The Cathedral”. One visitor, Audrey MacKenzie, described it as “possibly the most beautiful and hypnotic of all on the trail. There must have been millions of golden-lit flowers making a tunnel for you to walk through, and lots of people, understandably, stopped to take photos. There were carols playing that could be heard through the tunnel only, which gave me goosebumps!”.


To keep visitors energised and warm on their walk, there were lots of stops along the way with the opportunity for a warm drink or bite to eat, ranging from the expected hotdogs and fries to caribbean-style chicken, and vegan stalls also providing delicious hummus bowls. Although the food stalls were on the pricey side, the meals served both smelled, and, from what I tasted, were divine. 


Although the experience of course is only open for the festive season (from 14th December to 9th January), it is well worth the wait during the year. Tickets have not yet gone on sale for 2022-23, but keep checking the Kew Gardens website to ensure a spot - they sell out (quite rightly) very quickly.