As areas of the UK face localised blizzard conditions and expected winds of up to 80mph, we see if London will face some snow. 

The news comes as the Met Office said that Tuesday, January 4 will be "noticeably colder across the whole country" as temperatures peak at 8 or 9 degrees in the South of the UK. 

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Although the chance of snow is more predicted for the North of the country, the South will have freezing temperatures with expected degrees of minus 4C. 

Will London get snow? 

With recent weeks of dark clouds, a little sun, and occasional showers some snow would make a nice change. 

The average temperature you can expect for the week is set between 6C and 9C, with some mornings seeing temperature hit minus degrees. 

If you're looking for some sunshine, then Wednesday, January 5 is the day to look forward to as from sunrise at 8am to sunset at 4pm you can expect sun with no dark clouds. 

Later into the week wind will pick up, with highs of up to 16mph predicted on Thursday, January 6. 

Although so far no chance of snow is expected to set across the capital if temperatures continue to drop there is a chance for some in the near future.