7.9 billion people gather in traditional anticipation, the amount of times we glance at clocks increasing exponentially as the minutes pass by. 00:00. At last, the new year is here to stay for the next 364 days. What better than a great start to kick-off a hopefully brilliant year? Fireworks blast translucent hues onto the starry canvas of a new night. You think of what you will leave in the previous year, and what you strive to do in the upcoming twelve months. Bad habits are hoping to remain with you, but your resolutions should confidently eradicate what the last year (or years) could not. 


Every reminder of our converging to the next century brings up a feeling of optimism, inducing a need, rather than want, to change ourselves. Or, we wish and pray for the negative prominence surrounding us day and night to disappear and literally make life a lot easier. As unlikely or impossible some of these desires may be, the tendency to have faith in time unites us all as we embark on this novel odyssey. 


This convention of short-lived resilience is observed by many, and supported by even more. They may even prove to be good no only for us, but for the world in which we reside. Environmental issues have become a paramount concern amongst millions, resulting in actions being made. The shift to minimalism living and friendly eating increases in popularity by day, with challenges such as ‘Veganuary’ giving an insight to those wanting to educate themselves or trying something new and beneficial out. Climates rise just as fears do; the first day of 2022 saw a record-breaking temperature of 16.2ºC. Weather typical to mid-spring has moved itself to what should be winter. This calls for our attitudes to change. Now is a perfect time to do so.


However, more popular choices include becoming a healthier individual. The definition of health varies from person to person, and so the hopes some may hold might just end up as useless. Returning to dreary drudgery, just to give up in a week or so. Instead, eyes need to be opened to a world of balanced living, eating and drinking. 2022 welcomes a different approach to goals and aims, placing a boundary between hatred and self-love. The coronavirus pandemic led to a influx in obesity, mental health illnesses and the way society worked. Unseen problems require fresh solutions, good riddance to past resolutions. 


Resolutions may in fact contradict the aspirations many hold. Putting pressure on yourself to be as excellent as you were previously or having high, unattainable standards cause a somewhat familiar sense of anxiety and tension. Prachi Parekh of Hounslow commented this in response to her opinion on resolutions, “They’re good. It has motivated me at the start of the year to focus more on my goals and achieve them, as I believe it to be a fresh start for all. I have kept healthy lifestyle resolutions in the past, and the results were amazing! I had even more self-confidence. However, life throws situations at us randomly and this was a turning point for me. I could not focus on my goals anymore, and by the end of the year I was back to square one which lead to frustration. I was demotivated.”


A new year can mean a newer you, but no matter what plans life has in mind for you, resolutions can help form routines which are beneficial in the long term. It will be hard to keep going on, especially with uncertainty over what may happen this year. The key is to challenge yourself with something realistic that will encourage you, rather than overloading your stress-free mind with an unnecessary hindrance.


Hope you have a fantastic year ahead!