Significant changes to the way teachers have had to deliver lessons and carry out their jobs have been made during the pandemic. However, teachers passionate in their work have coped with the added stresses and struggles, and aided students throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, perhaps one of the most challenging periods of time for children in their education so far. A History, Politics and RPE teacher talks about her job during restrictions, and the path that led her to teaching.


Eleanor Farley, known to her students as Miss Farley, is a teacher at Newstead Wood School and was one of many whose job changed during the pandemic; she says that corona virus “challenged me to think of new ways to deliver lessons”. She also strived to guarantee that “pupils weren't just sitting in front of a screen listening to a lecture”, which was a major hurdle to surpass with most schools during online learning. Often the persistence needed to transcend challenges such as these are only fulfilled through strong motivation, but most importantly, an ardour for the field of work.


Farley, in response to the question ‘Did you always want to be a teacher when you grew up?’ said “it has always been something that I was interested in and enjoyed” especially after her work experience at a primary school and time as a Brownie leader. She has “always liked working with children so teaching seemed like a good idea!”. Like many of us, Farley had a role model in school- “I always looked up to my history teacher in secondary school”, she stated- which is the key to sparking inspiration in children, whether it be career wise, or as a person in general. 


Teachers are so important, and vital in a child’s progression into the adult world, so therefore the job comes with hardships like any other. However, Farley says that the most rewarding thing about her job is “helping pupils learn things and making them passionate about my subjects.” Teachers continue to work hard, dealing with the aftermath of so much online school, and the future is still unclear. Yet, there is hope, as passionate teachers continue to exceed every challenge, paving the way for young people’s futures.