As we head into a new year, waving goodbye to 2021 and starting afresh with 2022, new year's resolutions and goals are set and put in place along with different worries.

We’ve asked people residing on different streets what their worries and hopes for the new year were Isabella , age 26 said, ‘I’m in my last year of uni so I’m still figuring out my future plans. It’s honestly really scary and confusing, especially in these times where there’s so many issues affecting jobs’ Ibrahim, age 18 said, ‘ It’s so weird, like, time is going so fast. Last I remember, we were in lockdown, now that feels like forever ago. I know im still young and stuff but its scary’ Raees, age 28 said, ‘ I got engaged this year. So I really want next year to go smoothly, because my parents want to invite the whole world to my wedding. This year was kinda rocky in the beginning but it did get better.

Lee, age 35 said, ‘I don't really do new years resolutions. They don't really work. I've had the same one for 10 years now- to lose weight. Never works though, only for a couple weeks. I do hope that people can contribute to stop climate change and stuff but nobody ever listens’ Most have expressed worries about the following restrictions due to the increase of covid whilst others have talked about more personal goals such as weight loss, grades, being nicer to others and taking care of the environment.

For hopes about the new year, most have shown their desire to travel more freely and to be able to see their family members, expecially over important holidays and celebrations.

Therefore, as we venture into 2022 with no idea on what it holds, have a Happy New Year