The treacherous corona virus has been lurking the planet since 2019 ever since the inconvenient  outburst from China in Wuhan city. Proving to be an apex of illnesses, the despicable disease has plagued many and caused casualties resulting in, even the countries lockdown which imprisoned citizens into their residents. COVID-19 has managed to press the globes backs to the wall to the extent of social distancing and the infamous face masks ;which uncomfortably forced nations united with their pinnacle scientists to produce a vaccine - that appeared to halt its uproar. However, it threatens the world again with an improved contagious variant.

The omicron variant was detected from south Africa and caused a surge of intimidating cases, which is irritating as we are in the phase of the Flu season. In the last 24 hours there has been reports of 189 thousand cases and over 200 deaths due to corona virus. Although, this has become the monthly average occurrence as the December summit of cases this month has grasped over 300 thousand cases and casualties have maximised at 317.
 As the new year approaches it's peculiar recognising the past cruel years that swiftly galloped past. The eventful years that happened whilst in fear of the impending sickness quickly went by as we continue commencing our fight against COVID-19. Nobody foresaw the developing variants or the criminal numbers that impact the population but what remains substantial is our unity. As these disturbing times continue we must maintain our togetherness and ensure our strength.