With a score of 41-27 to Harlequins, the game left fans sitting on the edge of their seats, biting their nails. Already, the North Hampton Saints had won 2 games in Europe after back-to-back Premiership wins over Bristol Bears and Bath Rugby. Without the same luck, The Harlequins had a terrible losing streak in the Premiership, and the Quins made it double in Europe. This is why everybody was so shocked when the game took a twist they could never expect. 


As the crowd expected, the North Hampton saints got the first touchdown, which was followed by another penalty from the North Hampton Saints. Then the game took a turn. The Harlequins scored their first touchdown, and then they matched the North Hampton Saints score with a penalty. The North Hampton Saints scored another touchdown, another penalty, and a touchdown. They continued on their winning streak until they got 21 points. By this time, the audience thought they knew the direction of the game - they were wrong. The harlequins then increased and increased so that they matched 21-21. Then the North Hampton Saints gained 3 points. After an intense game where they were constantly matching each other's scores and beating each other etc, the Harlequins won on the score of 41-27.  


I spoke to Emma Nunn, 18 years old, who said “I’m not really that interested in rugby, but I found myself squeezing my jacket, watching the game like a hawk”. This just goes to show how truly unique this game was to Twickenham stadium, as it brought the community together. Along with cheering, booing, and all the rest, it's fair to say this was a cherished event by all.


With the new omicron variant, these types of community events are crucial when being done safely. In my opinion, these community events contribute to keeping the spirit high for local residents within the community and have an impact on repeat visits to annual events. Additionally, mental health cases have not been good recently so events like these which are reasons to go out, make an indescribable impact.