Central London has an array of great restaurants offering a wide variety of foods, including an excellent selection of vegan restaurants. 

This list, based on submitted reviews on Google, was created by Barrets London who looked at all 32 London boroughs for the best vegan restaurant in each.

We've just focused on Central London so you can see the best-reviewed eateries to try.

So whether you're taking part in Veganuary or just want to try out a new restaurant then there is something on this list for you.

The Best Vegan Restaurants in Central London

Camden- Purezza

Rating: 4.6

Purezza is a vegan pizza restaurant in the heart of the capital that prides itself on its 100% sustainable decor and carefully sourced items. 

The prize-winning restaurant has a great selection of high-quality food including 'The One With The Truffle'. 

One reviewer said: "Brilliant, fully plant-based menu. Everything was super tasty and the sourdough pizzas were truly amazing. I don’t usually like vegan cheese but the vegan mozzarella here was really good!"

Islington- OmNOM Restaurant

Rating 4.6

OmNom is inspired by Bhakti yoga that uses ancient Eastern philosophy and sites, describing itself as not only a restaurant but a wellness space too. 

The health restaurant has a wide range of exotic foods to choose from like the Masala Jackfruit Rosti and the Plantain Chaat. 

One user said: "Everything on the menu is Vegan and there is a good selection. The dessert was on another level, it was so tasty. It definitely hit the spot. Will be coming back to try the main food."

Kensington and Chelsea- Greenspeares

Rating: 4.5

Greenspeares is a deli that puts nature first, using only sustainably sourced ingredients and working their menu around British seasons. 

With options including the vegan rhubarb and ginger multi-grain porridge or the warm winter breakfast salad.

One Google user said: "One of the best places for breakfast and lunch in the area. Amazing coffee, lots of vegan options in the menu that aren’t just healthy but delicious! Buckwheat crepes - they’re to die for! Totally recommend!"

Southhawke- Cafe Van Gogh

Rating: 4.7

The cafe is famous for cooking delicious plant-based food with menus that change every 6-8 weeks to work with seasonal ingredients.

Serving the Van Gogh Burger that includes beer onion relish or a Toasted Bulgur Wheat with a clementine dressing. 

One review said: "Vegan cafe offering huge selections of delicious vegan food which is different each day. To top it off the cafe is ethically focused too!"

Westminster- MAAD 

Rating: 4.8

MAAD is fully plant-based that is ethical and believes in good karma, with every order planting a tree in hopes to re-build forests while feeding the nation. 

On the menu, you can try the 'duck' kebab wrap, the shroom burger, and some fully loaded MAAD Nachos. 

One user said: "First time ordering from MAAD, I had the Bao buns, the flavours were amazing, cake for afters, I will definitely be ordering again. Packaged very well I love the chocolate treat hidden in one of the boxes."

City of London- Vantra Eden

Rating: 4.7

This vegan is 'where health meets taste' that has a dedication to health and only uses organically grown plant-based food. 

Vantra offers a buffet on selected days too with the choice of probiotic root vegetable noodle, a Nyonya curry, or a magical mushroom. 

One user said: "Medium box for £6.50 and outdoor seating. Really nice convenient healthy food. Quick and pleasant service."