Christmas-lovers around the country have been hilariously positioning elves around their houses this December - much to the amusement of children and adults alike.

Some parents say elves are watching their kids to report back to Santa in the run-up to Christmas, while others use it as a fun way to get kids involved in the festivities.

The Elf on the Shelf challenge involves cleverly or hilariously positioning an elf each day.

We asked News Shopper readers to share their pictures of their elves - and they had us in stitches.

From positive Covid tests to a toastie duvet, south east London elves really have been up to no good recently.

This elf has enjoyed playing with his puppy pals!

This Is Local London: photo: Gill Welshphoto: Gill Welsh

And this elf likes to have squeaky clean windows...

This Is Local London: photo: Carol Dines Wrightphoto: Carol Dines Wright

Anyone fancy an elf-made fried egg?

This Is Local London: photo: Stacey Subebephoto: Stacey Subebe

This looks like fun! We know plenty of hungry hippos...

This Is Local London: photo: Claire Bennsphoto: Claire Benns

An elfy spongebob...

This Is Local London: photo: Hannah Bee Griffinphoto: Hannah Bee Griffin

It's an isolation Christmas for these poorly elves...

This Is Local London: photo: Stacey Janephoto: Stacey Jane

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