Priti Patel’s new immigration bill has caused plenty of havoc and confusion in recent light, as it has threatened to remove the nationalities of several people of colour who rightfully gained their British citizenship through the immigration process or the fact that many of them were born in this country and have lived here their whole lives.

Many members of communities endangered by this bill have spoken up and voiced their concern. Mish Rahman, who is of Bangladeshi origin and was born and raised in the UK his whole life, claimed that “If this isn’t racism, then I don’t know what is” when speaking in regards to this new law being passed in the nationality and borders bill.

This law has been deemed by many as racist and discriminatory as it allows the conservative government to deport and strip people of their citizenships without notice, with particular emphasis on people of colour. British people could be stripped of their British citizenship if they have citizenship for another country or if their parents or grandparents had originally come from another country, even if they had British citizenships.

Not only is this new immigration law a problem for British citizens, but it is also a problem for refugees who come to the UK seeking asylum and safety. The bill states that it is a criminal offence for asylum seekers to enter the UK without permission and it can sentence refugees for up to a maximum of four years. Many have claimed this is a bill which can be misused very easily by the wrong people in power to commit acts which could end up hurting the lives of many, many people.