Buying the right plants at Christmas can be tricky and some plants may require high maintenance, so I decided to ask a plant shop for some advice and tips.  


Urban Tropicana is a local shop in Chiswick that recently opened.  The business started in 2020 when the first shop was opened in Ealing, followed by a regular spot at the monthly Chiswick Flower Market which was a big success.  This inspired them to open a shop in Chiswick and since opening in Autumn 2021, the shop has been bustling with customers who have been eager to see what's in store. 


Now it is Christmas they have put out different plants such as 'The Christmas Cactus' which flowers in November and December, so it is perfect if you want an indoor plant that can flower in the colder months. As it is a cactus it requires very little attention so it's easy to care for. This plant overall is a very joyous plant and perfect for Christmas. 


Another amazing Christmas plant is 'Norfolk Island Pine' which looks like a Christmas tree but is tropical. This plant is great all year round and this makes it very sustainable and no need to throw it away -just re-use next Christmas.  


Urban Tropicana said the two most popular plants were the 'Christmas Cactus' and the 'Pineapple Plant', so they are perfect Christmas gifts.   


So, if you are feeling stressed about choosing somebody a last minute Christmas gift, then why not pop into Urban Tropicana where they have a lovely gift selection.  Not only do they sell plants, they also sell plant pots and vases which vary from ceramic to metal which are practical and stylish. They also sell watering cans which are made by an English company and are made of copper and brass making them look very elegant.