What do you like to do in your free time? For some it could be watching their favourite TV shows, reading a book, playing a game, but for others it’s listening to their music. I know the first thing I love to do as soon as I’ve finished school is put my headphones in my ears and blast out my favourite songs. But why? Why do we love music so much? Well for one, studies have shown that listening to music releases chemicals in our brains called dopamine which promotes feelings of happiness. Music is very important in many aspects of life: it’s made careers for people, it provides entertainment for us daily. You could go as far as to say that music has been a support mechanism for many individuals. As we know, lockdown for many was not an enjoyable experience and took a toll on many people’s mental wealth. I know for one that when I have had some hard days, music has helped me to reflect on my feelings and emotions. And for many individuals, music has supported them through their hardships too. Music is one of the most powerful, artistic things to exist and it’s fair to say that it has probably impacted many in different ways.