The lineup for the Reading and Leeds Festival has just been released on Wednesday 8th December and tickets have been selling out like crazy. It's an exciting time for many young people, myself included. Although in recent years it's been very apparent that due to the existence of covid and ongoing lockdowns, the excitement for going to festivals and musical concerts have gradually flattened. I mean after festivals being continuously postponed or cancelled, it’s fair to say that it’s frustrating for many festival fans and the hope for festivals to start up again, inevitably decreased.


Only recently this year have festivals been able to take place again, with Reading and Leeds Festival taking place at the end of August, but with Wireless Festival taking place in September. Wireless Festival this year was held in Crystal Palace Park rather than their usual location, Finsbury Park and the month of September rather than July. The complete shift in date and location clearly negatively shifted the atmosphere for many Wireless fans. This was also apparent in the mass amount of tickets being resold on many different sites. 


 It is very understandable why the excitement and urge to go to festivals has slightly deflated. Although that does not mean that it had to stay that way. People need to think and remember why festivals were and are so enjoyable. Festivals bring people together from different areas and backgrounds to enjoy the music they love. I couldn’t think of anything more fun than to sing along to my favourite tune with my best friends on a small speaker, let alone a live festival. It’s a great bonding experience and I hope that future festival go-ers take that into account. With that being said, there is hope for the excitement of festival fans to increase, as the day the line for Reading and Leeds Festival was released, all tickets were immediately sold out.