With the return of winter wonderland this festive season and the everlasting covid-19, how can Londoners enjoy winter wonderland thai year?


The news that winter wonderland was going to happen this year was received with many happy londoners. Whether you’re a child or a 60 year old, winter wonderland manages to bring out the christmas spirit in everyone and encapsulates the childlike magic of christmas.


However, many people were confused on how winter wonderland would go forward this year in the midst of covid and a new variant. Well, this year's wonderland go-ers need to book on the website in advance in order to guarantee another magical experience. 


To book is actually very simple, you just need to pick a date, choose your entry time and then add any shows, games or rides that you want to enjoy. It allows people to plan their trip in advance and maps out their time there. This now means that people have to pay £5 to gain entry into winter wonderland. Although an entry fee is not ideal, it's still a fair and small price to pay for a great day out. 


This process also means that winter wonderland can be aware of how many people are in Hyde Park at once which is key in times of covid. Meaning that everyone in attendance can have peace of mind about the numbers of people there.

If you are thinking of going I highly encourage you to follow through and book your day now!