After a long day of eating and drinking to hearts galore on Christmas Day, there's nothing better than venturing out and getting some fresh air on Boxing Day.

Whether it be a quick walk around your local area or a hike through some of the best natural sites that London has to offer.

To make sure you know what the best options are for your Boxing Day walk in London we've broken them down for you.

This Is Local London: Primrose Hill back in summer. (PA)Primrose Hill back in summer. (PA)

Little Venice

With canals, beautiful houseboats, and small independent cafes along the way, a walk through Little Venice sounds dreamy. 

The walk will take you down a path alongside the canals that will make you forget that you're in London.

You'll also get to see nature at its best with birds, ducks and more enjoying the area. 

Primrose Hill

The well-known hill is just a short 10-minute walk from Camden Town but will feel like miles away with its wide-open green space. 

The hill isn't too steep and there are benches along the way to give you a well-deserved rest. 

Plus, you'll get to see the sites across London, including the BT Tower and the London eye. 

Kew Gardens

If you're looking for nature and wildlife at its finest in the center of London then the iconic Kew is the place to go. 

You'll get to see an array of beautiful plants as you walk through the gardens and thanks to the time of year, you can see the festive lights too. 

But it is important to note the Kew Gardens is a ticketed venue. 

Friends of Richmond Park Walking Tours

See the views of the Thames Valley and the dome of St. Pauls as you walk through this wide-open space. 

Plus you'll be able to see the park's famous deer too up-close as they enjoy their natural habitat. 

Clapham Common

This usually busy scene is a fun space for families to walk, just of the popular Clapham high street too. 

With supermarkets and cafes near too, you can grab a snack and watch the world go by as you take a break from your festive walk.