In Space, there are countless undiscovered elements for example ‘dark matter’ and ‘dark energy’. However, new technology and complex telescopes will help us understand more about Space.

This image was taken and edited by me and it represents the idea of the ‘Big Bang theory’. The Big Bang theory states that all matter in the universe was concentrated to a single, tiny point. This began to enlarge rapidly in a hot explosion. The universe is still astonishingly expanding today!

We known that the universe is still expanding due to the ‘redshift’ seen in galaxies. Redshift is the increase of wavelength of light. Further away galaxies have a bigger redshift and this provides further evidence to the Big Bang hence supporting this theory.

The movement of the explosion that happened during the big bang formed many planets we know exists today. Therefore, in my image, all the planets are seen to be squished up and almost blended together to evidently show this hot rapid explosion that took place over billions of years ago.

The background is dark and empty, this links to the fact that Space is nothing but complete silence, after doing my research I have found out that there is absolutely no noise in Space!

What are your thoughts on Space?

Caroline Valentine.