The mystery of the strange flashing light in the south east London night sky has been solved after an Orpington dad and his son went out on a mission to get some answers.

Residents of south east London and north Kent were left baffled this week by a "strange" light spotted in the night sky.

One video of the light, filmed from near Orpington high street on Tuesday night, shows the light moving and waving in the sky over what looks to be north Kent.

It flashes in different speeds and alternates in brightness for the full 22 seconds of the video.

This Is Local London:

Orpington dad Stephen Sangster filmed the sky-occupier and told the News Shopper that suggestions initially ranged from aliens or a laser show to an open air cinema.

Following the mystery, Stephen and his son Jack went on a mission to see if the flashing light was back in the sky again on Wednesday night.

Once again, Stephen saw and filmed the "odd" unmissable light waving from side to side from a distance in the sky - but didn't get any confirmation as to what it was.

Stephen told the News Shopper that after asking followers where they thought the light was coming from, the most common answer was that the light was coming from an open air cinema at Brand Hatch - but he didn't know why they would project light into the air.

On Thursday Stephen said: "I think it is a very powerful spotlight but for what purpose I don’t know.

"With that sort of power they should be informing CAA as it has potential to interfere with aircraft."

Stephen's research on the CAA database only showed one warning about a spotlight - which was all the way at Hever Castle with only a one mile radius warning.

Determined to solve the mystery, he then said he was "going out tonight (Thursday) on a vigilante hunt to get to the bottom of it".

And, that's what he did.

Stephen and adorable Jack set out on adventure to solve the light mystery - while vlogging the whole thing for his invested followers to watch.

The videos show Stephen and Jack chatting about the light, while driving along the roads of south east London to track it down.

And, after 90 minutes of searching - it turns out there aren't any south east London aliens out there after all.

In fact, to confirm many of the suggestions Stephen had, the mysterious bright lights were from an open air cinema in Brands Hatch.

They first saw the lights coming from the ground behind a fence that they "couldn't get over".

Instead, Stephen and Jack drove round into the cinema park - without a ticket - "to get to the bottom of it".

There they then watched the "strange" spotlights beam into the sky before being "escorted out".

Stephen said: "It's not aliens, it's not batman, it's not even a Downing Street party.

"It's an open air cinema at Brands Hatch - at least we got to the bottom of it."

He added that he was going to recommend that they give notice to the CAA as the light display high in the sky "can be distracting for aircraft."

Stephen finishes his three part vlog with relief, saying "mystery solved, let's get out of here".

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