Japanese art has taken over Pace Gallery and is attracting many


Recently, on 4th December I visited Pace Gallery in Covent Garden. There was new art work that had been displayed, it was incredible.Yoshitomo Nara a Japanese artist known for his eccentric art pieces started his art career in Japan and was quickly recognised for his unique style in art. Nara had his art taken to Los Angeles in the US and had set up an exhibition, which attracted a countless number of tourists who traveled to Los Angeles to simply see his art.This exhibition was further developed and ready for the world to be seen at the start of 2021.As Nara has grown rapidly and still is to this date, there was an extremely high demand for his art, this resulted in his art that was then taken to London. Nara hit a milestone in his life.

The artist himself is known as the most famous Japanese contemporary artist.His art piece consists of 'menacing wide eyed children' this caused intergenerational angst which caught the eyes of many people. Naras' art work is praised on many levels as it shows children dealing with changes and how their mental state affects them heavily, it interprets children being different and how comparison should not be a popular topic amongst youth.

Growing so quickly, Nara made millions . He sold one of his pieces at $1million .Now he has his own official merch line which includes badges,tite bags,y2k shirts,and an book full of his artwork with description of where it was made and what gave him the inspiration.

Nara is the most successful Asian contemporary artist known to the world. From sketching at home on canvas to now outselling in Europe,North America and Asia. Nara has achieved his goal