The festive tradition of ice-skating has taken a turn this year, as the stagnant, mild temperatures seem to tarnish the frosty activity’s everlasting reputation. Is it skating on water or ice? Many people question the eligibility of these skating establishments as underwhelming experiences are becoming regular this ‘winter’. 


Across the UK this December, many people have been surprised by the unexpected mild weather, except a couple of bitterly cold weeks in November, it seems we have been left with a clement Christmas season. Disappointingly, it seems this is the way it’ll stay. 


Not only has this effected the Christmas merriment, but the many outside ice-rinks scattered across England and the UK. An inch or two of water has been laying across these rinks making the skating a tad splashy! However negligible this may sound; it actually creates more implications than you realise… With a pool like structure, members of the public embark on their skating slots anticipating a fun gliding activity. However, the water has created an extremely slippery, almost lethal conditions. 


With widespread accidents across London out-door ice rinks, due to this melting situation, many people have been put off using these facilities, and purchasing tickets. Speaking to Stuart Donoghue, who recently visited the outdoor rink at Hampton court palace, we were provided a real insight into the dismaying nature of these activities. 


“It’s truly appalling, person upon person were falling and being bathed in the icy water […] The pools splashes were seeping through my boots, I exited drenched and... a little disheartened” 


Not only does this have an effect on the people’s time on the ice, but on the survival of these small, independent companies who usually thrive in this winter period. Trying their best to cope with the melting ice, it leaves the companies to question whether they can carry on?