Carrie Hope Fletcher, Ivano Turco, Rebecca Trehearn, and Victoria Hamilton-Barritt star in the Cinderella musical in the West - End. It will be on display until May 29th 2022.

The music and words were incredible, and you were completely engaged. It was different to other musicals I have seen since almost all of the speech was portrayed through songs and there was a lot of dancing which lightened the mood and had a different feel.

David Zippel wrote all the lyrics, earning him a Tony Award, two Academy Award nominations, two Grammy Award nominations, and three Golden Globe Award nominations for his work.

Hair, wigs, and makeup design were all handled by Campbell Young associates. The costumes had rather a Victorian feel and all the wigs were elaborate and towering which looked wonderful.

All the costumes and set were designed by Gabriella Tylesova, and the set was very minimalist to keep the audience's attention on the actors. Furthermore the set was very intricately crafted so that every minute element could be seen.

Cinderella wore a rag dress that made her look like the Cinderella we all envisioned. The clothes were also quite Victorian, since they were largely ballroom dresses or suits or quite old-fashioned dresses. The play, on the other hand, did not have a Victorian air to it; instead, it took a very current and hilarious approach however some aspects of the play took on a Victorian feel to still relate it to the original.

There came a time in the production when the ballroom dancing scene occurred, and all of the audience in the lower stalls turned with the stage, indicating that the stage had become a traverse stage, with the performers performing to two sides of the audience. This created a really genuine scene, giving the impression that you were at a royal ball. The dancing was flawless and on point. The jokes that were spoken really drew the crowd in and made everyone chuckle. Certain characters' voices sounded aristocratic to fit their own characters. The lighting, which was directed by Bruno poet, was fantastic, with dramatic lighting effects that really set the tone and ambiance.

The ending is very different to the normal ‘happy ever after’ ending as it has a bit of a twist to keep the audience hooked till the end.

Overall, I would strongly advise you to go see it with your friends and family because you will thoroughly enjoy it if you appreciate theatre. If I have the chance, I will definitely go watch it again!