The Muslim community in East London hosted a badminton tournament in order to raise money for poor families in Bangladesh through the We are 13 Rivers Trust. This event happens annually, and all proceeds and funds go towards helping families in poor areas in Bangladesh. This fun and interactive event was hosted by chairwoman Yashmin Hardin, who said “it is a good experience and is good competitive people. It is something that happens regularly, and the money goes to Bangladeshi families in Bangladesh.” 

With twelve teams of two versing each other, and it being a lady only event, Muslim women were able to take off their hijabs safely and partake. Each pair could only place once, and they had to score twenty points to win. The coach was also very supportive of all members and refreshments and sandwiches were provided.  A fellow competitor Shamla Syeda said “it was very good because it catered for the Muslim ladies and is ladies only, so it is unusual.” 

The ladies competing were very competitive and the umpires were other women who were not competing in the tournament. There were lots of smiling faces and laughter.