Spending such a grand holiday all alone might be very isolating for a lot of people. Our school had organised a carol singing trip to Woodland Care Home.


The Christmas spirit spreads around at a rapid speed when Demeber rolls around. This spirit however, doesnt seem to touch everyone. While visiting the care home, we noticed many sad faces and many faces who also didnt want any Christmas spirit. 

We quickly organised ourselves and began singing the classics. This ranged from "Rudolf the Red-Nose Raindeer", "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" and of course "Silent Night".

Not only did these songs bring a smile to the residents of the care home but even the nurses working there were grateful and happy that we had come to sing.

Although our voices might not have been the best, we managed to make the most out of our time and visited many of the patients living there.

This experience also opened our eyes to how much better we can be to our community. We can do this by investing more of our time to communicate with other generations and make a effort to grow closer with out community. 

This has been a rewarding experience which has open out minds in many ways. We hope our experiences shows many people the need to engage and communicate with other generations, especially when the christmas spirit is going around!!