We asked south east Londoners what their favourite part of Christmas dinner is.

You can almost see it now.

Happy relatives singing around the table.

Tucking into the deliciously crispy roast potatoes and tender turkey breast.

The smell of Christmas pudding baking in the oven.

We asked our readers what their most favourite part of Christmas dinner is.

It’s finally the season to indulge in lots of food- and alcohol, according to some readers.

Here’s what they’ve had to say: Samantha Pugh said: “Stuffing and leftovers on boxing day.”

Priscilla Strong - Rosen said: “A nap afterward.”

Andrew Moor said: “Hiding in the kitchen with a beer while cooking.”

Stephanie Hudson said: “Spending it with people who love me for being me.”

Marilyn Redding said: “Pulling the Christmas Crackers and then eating together.

“I love all of the Christmas dinner.”

Angela Bates said: “That glass of champagne.”

Julie Cumming said: “The Beautiful aromas while cooking it.”

Suzanne Mullan said: “When the washing up is done.”

Sally Bontoft said: “Chocolate Yule Log.”

Em Rose said: “Eating it.”

Stephen Dawson said: “Going to the pub beforehand.”

Susan Shearer said: “Family.”

Ian Thundercliffe said: “Going to some else’s house to eat it.”

Carol Raeburn said: “Stuffing, Yorkshire pudding & Gravy.”

Robert Hutchinson said: “Pigs in blankets.”

Ben Cerisola said: “Roast potatoes, pigs in blankets & stuffing.”

Sharon Haydon said: “That Boris doesn’t cancel it again.”