The touch of cold snow 

Glimmering in the warm sun- 

A cosy fireplace.


Why do we like snow so much? One often looks forward to the festive season and wishes snowfall, although it rarely happens in locations such as London. Even so, we often never stop to consider why snow makes us feel so good. There may be a few logical reasons why. 


The first, of course, is novelty. As humans we enjoy changing scenery and location, and so simply the rarity of the occurrence of snow makes it particularly enjoyable to us. But even those who live in areas where it snows frequently enjoy the scenery, so this factor must only amplify a pre-existing appreciation for the white blanket. Not to mention, it is simply fun to play in the snow and pick it up because it is an unusual substance we do not often come in contact with. 


Another reason, perhaps, is the fact that snow is white and ultimately reflects more light. As a result, this significantly brightens the environment. It is basic human nature that we feel more secure in light environments and more afraid in the deep dark. Therefore, by increasing the average light level, snow makes us feel more secure and at ease which is why we associate good feelings with snow settling on the ground. 


The final reason may simply be not the snow itself but the temperature. While we all do not like being cold, we do like being warm and snuggling up. Snowfall prompts us to do these things especially such as wearing warm clothes, being cosey before the fireplace or drinking hot chocolate. These activities which are especially prompted by snow have become to be associated with the occurrence, which triggers positive memories. 


Overall, the reasons why we love snow are interesting to think about because it allows us to learn more about ourselves and the human psyche, however, what truly matters is that we enjoy the gifts of nature and take pleasure in our environment which is a thing we can all be grateful for and rejoice in.