Residents of south east London and north Kent have been left baffled by a "strange" light spotted in the night sky.

The video, filmed from near Orpington high street, shows the light moving and waving in the sky over what looks to be north Kent.

It flashes in different speeds and alternating brightness for the full 22 seconds of the video.

Resident Stephen Sangster filmed the mysterious sky-occupier and told the News Shopper that suggestions he has had have been that it's from aliens, a laser show or an open air cinema.

No one has confirmed his thoughts, however, and he thinks it was coming from the Swanley area.He tweeted: "Strange flashing in the night sky over north Kent leaves residents flummoxed (again).

"Ideas range from aliens, a laser show or an open air cinema.

"Any ideas anyone?"

One Twitter user told Stephen that the "o2 has been responsible before", while another thinks it came from an outdoor cinema screening in Brands Hatch.

Another social media suggestion was that it was "batman" - which is definitely up for debate.

If you have any ideas about what has been flying in the south east sky, please let us know in the box below.

It's not the first time the south east London sky has been occupied by a strange object.

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