The London Dungeon along the Thames, Queens Walk, currently has a festive twist for families and friends this season. Horror meets christmas? What an interesting combination.

Due to online booking and planned reservations, the line moves quickly, with a short wait before your group begins. From jump-scares, black outs, sinister sound effects, and two spooky rides, the London Dungeon truly lives up to the reputation of one of the most popular themed tourist attractions in London,giving no visitor an easy ride. Rest assured, it’s highly probable that visitors will crack a laugh given the actors humor and interactive comedy.


When asked to describe the tour in two words : “Fun and exhilarating. Especially the room where Sweeny Todd cuts your hair!” Jared Allman, visitor of the London Dungeons Christmas event. 


The tour has the perfect balance of entertainment and education. Ever wanted to learn about the Capital’s spine-chilling history? Or even meet the characters themselves, from Mrs Lovett who owned a cannibalistic pie shop in Fleet Street, to the torturers of Guy Fawkes and their bizarre use of tools. 

After such a lively experience and a walk through the gift shop, why not settle down for a drink and bite to eat in the Dungeon’s cozy Christmas Tavern. They provide a variety of goods; toad in the hole, salad, mince pies, boot-leg beer, cocktails, and more. Festive food is available for a limited time only. Save 20% off when booking tickets online to experience your own unique family outing and get into the Christmas spirit. In fear, of course.