Southbank’s Electric Gamebox experience brings the virtual world to life for all ages and abilities. The combined use of projection mapping, touch screens and surround sound creates a truly memorable adventure. A place for the whole family to get involved with the new Shaun the sheep: Championsheeps interactive game. Join the animals on Mossy Bottom farm for up to half an hour of farmyard sports day fun. A total of four mini games to explore and be challenged by. 

To begin your day, guide Shaun through a muddy swamp collecting apples and avoiding green lily pads and the naughty pigs. From young children to confident parents, can you keep your cool and conquer bogstroke? Set to test your patience and precision, this mini game isn’t for any old flock. Adam Baker, a recent player, claimed the session to be “thoroughly enjoyable and a great way to reconnect with your childhood”. The older participants showing obvious benefits from the simplistic yet joyous game. 

A session of Baah-bells weightlifting follows, where teams work together to balance Shaun’s bar with different items around the farm. This fun and quick paced game supports children in their maths skills whilst creating challenge for the whole family under the timed conditions. Racing against the clock and working as a group to steady the weights creates excitement within the box. Those involved commented on their “fulfilment when creating stronger bonds” within their social groups. Whether this is a family unit, kids birthday party or simply a day trip, everyone will find a visit to Electric Gamebox a worthwhile, individual social event. 

A simple game of sheeping track escalates into a difficult, yet achievable exercise of follow the card. Players must locate and follow a particular group of coloured sheep as they are shuffled randomly. Each time, a different set of sheep are chosen and as the games progresses more diversions are added. The pigs of the farm aim to trick participants and add more trouble to each selection whilst the cards move faster and further. A great way to test focus and create a thrilling atmosphere as the game advances which all involved will be amused by. 

The final game, sheepy uppy, involves players catching sheep on trampolines to earn points and avoiding objects such as hedgehogs. This game provides a variety of difficulties allowing different ages to be challenged and included. Recent player Abi Hewitt commented on how “this game was the most exciting and definitely helped finish the day on a high note.” 

This overall gaming experience is a futuristic, unforgettable activity to include within your visit to London all year round. 16 year old Olivia Barrett mentioned how “the staff were full of energy and really friendly which helped to get everyone involved” supporting the comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

Additionally the company ensures a high level of Corona Virus safety with the individual ‘bubble’ boxes to prevent separate groups from interconnecting. The level of enthusiasm each staff member contained relaxed all players and helped to create a unique and special occasion. 

Its convenient location allows easy access from Waterloo train station and underground both within a short walking distance. Next time you find yourself exploring the magic of London, don’t miss out on your chance to spend a session in your own virtual gaming world to have an experience like no other.