If you find yourself stuck on that New Year's Resolution to be more active, or want to unlock your inner golfer, look no further! Topgolf is offering a s-putt-acular deal on their 5-week golf coaching course, titled "Bays to Fairways”, at a bargain price of £60. The programme aims to encourage more people to play golf, and its game-based learning and expert PGA-qualified coaches promise an un-fore-gettable experience.


The course targets beginner, social and lapsed players, fixating on building the key skills and confidence required to master the golf course, and with a total value of £400, you can expect a high-quality experience. 


The programme consists of five weekly 1-hour group sessions held at either their Surrey, Chigwell or Watford sites, with the final one held at a local golf course with your coach, offering the chance to flaunt your freshly obtained skills on-course. Depending on time and weather, winter golfers who can’t attend their local course session will have the chance to do so in Spring and Summer. Sessions are flexible, allowing you to call the “shots” and tailor your experience to when it best suits you. 


Classes are based around captivating game-based play, alongside thrilling competitions to put your abilities to the test with fellow teammates, as well as adding to your network of friends by encouraging socialisation. Who knows, perhaps you'll find yourself golfing with them outside of sessions!


Additionally, classes are led by PGA-qualified coaches, giving professional guidance on developing and fine-tuning all techniques needed to enjoy golf, from teeing off to scoring a birdie, and opportunities for 1-to-1 personal advice from your coach are plentiful due to the maximum of 5 in a group. 


Topgolf provides all equipment necessary, as well as exceptional facilities, notoriously its outdoor hitting bays. Participants are also given a Bays to Fairways booklet to track their progress and make improvements.No dress code is required, though it may apply at the final session.


To sign up, simply pick your class on the Topgolf website (https://topgolf.com/uk/golf/bays-to-fairways/) make a payment to confirm your place. 


Andrew Agnoli, Head of Topgolf Coach UK, said: “Picking up a club can be a nervy thought for beginners, but golf is a game that everyone can play. It’s a great form of exercise, fun to learn and hitting the golf course is a great excuse to socialise with friends”.


Learning the game of golf can be a nervous thought for some, however Topgolf aims to demolish that fear with a combination of executive coaching and immersive play, giving you all you need to “drive” your skills to the top!